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[Not Solved] SOLVED - CSS error/bug

#1 Bert Offline Member
Hi all

When my screen is not so high that you can see the footer there is someting wrong.
When you choose all menus from from the floating menu it is all ok. Also the menu is floating.
But when you choose for example appetizer and you scroll down the menu is not floating anymore and the footer is flickering.

See my screen capture

Screen capture

Try it yourself!

#2 Dejosel Offline Moderator
the screen capture is bad
#3 Bert Offline Member

Should I create a better one. They are getting so big
#4 Bert Offline Member
Nobody the same problems??

#5 Midways Offline Member
I noticed this when I first downloaded the script. Once I populated the categories it was okay, no flickering.
#6 Bert Offline Member
Hi Midways

I am dutch tell me what you did exactly.

#7 Midways Offline Member
Once you start to add meals to the categories, the flickering will stop.
#8 Bert Offline Member
ok I will test.

But it is a bug!
#9 Bert Offline Member

That did the trick.


#10 Midways Offline Member
I agree it is a bug but it does solve it for now.

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