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What's coming in v3.0

#11 aprosklitos Offline Junior Member
Guys where do you get the 3.0 Version?
#13 Smifis Offline Newbie
I'd love to be involved in the development if theres space in the team.
#14 zigstum Offline Newbie
(09 Feb, 08:15 PM)Smifis Wrote: I'd love to be involved in the development if theres space in the team.

If you PM your email address I will try and add you to the slack dev channel.
#16 kamalqadumi Offline Newbie
(05 Apr, 01:50 PM)sampoyigi Wrote: Update:
have this error msg when install 3.x
how to fix it please 
Uncaught Error: Class 'Igniter\Flame\Foundation\Application' not found in  /public_html/bootstrap/app.php:14 Stack trace:
 #0 public_html/setup/classes/SetupController.php(736): require_once() 
#1 public_html/setup/classes/SetupController.php(442): SetupController->bootFramework()
 #2 public_html/setup/classes/SetupController.php(252): SetupController->completeSetup() 
#3 public_html/setup/classes/SetupController.php(277): SetupController->onInstall()
 #4 public_html/setup/classes/SetupController.php(34): SetupController->execPostHandler() 
#5 public_html/setup/bootstrap.php(60): SetupController->__construct() 
#6 public_html/setup.php(1): include_once('/home/cityaspir...') #7 {main} thrown

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