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[Not Solved] Pick up button checked by default?

#1 aelcano Offline Junior Member
Currently i have Tastyigniter set up so that it accepts pick up orders only. To order, customers must click on the "Pick-up" button in the "My Order" box before they can order. Is there a way to have this checked by default?
#2 Dejosel Offline Moderator
Smile Hi @aelcano, in a few minutes I push the fix in the repo of Github
#3 aelcano Offline Junior Member
Awesome thanks!!
#4 Dejosel Offline Moderator
hi the fix is ready:
#5 aelcano Offline Junior Member
Thank you again! Smile
#6 Dejosel Offline Moderator
You're welcome...
#7 roydeanjr Offline Junior Member
@Dejosel - May I know why that fix is not included in 2.1.1? I am getting feedback from customers that having to click Pick-up is a pain. I also only have Pick up as an option and would like the delivery options to go away if delivery is not offered.

I did copy your fix into my site and it works as I had hoped. Can this be added as part of the default system or will we always have to apply this fix?

And @Dejosel, THANK YOU!!!!!!

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