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[Solved] admin login

#1 Bert Offline Member
More the a year ago I had the same problems.

Cannot find it in the forum.

When I want to login to admin there is a redirect error.

When I login the redirect:

Where to edit this for the correct redirect.
#2 thamvmk Offline Junior Member
I've the same issue too, after clicking Admin like, the whole apache2 will hang. I have to restart apache2. The rest of the links like login, register, information, etc. All others works, except I can't get the admin URL to popup with the admin page. I've tried many changes to .htaccess like specified in other threats main .htaccess, admin/.htaccess, setup/.htaccess.
#3 thamvmk Offline Junior Member
I managed to resolve this by downloading the tastyigniter2.1.1 and override into my deployment. then it works.

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