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[Not Solved] DATABASE deleted by mistake on GoDaddy

#1 David12 Offline Junior Member
Hi Guys!

By mistake i deleted the database on my server and I don't have the backup of it.
Of course now I can't access to Dashboard, i can't see the menu by typing the postcode, ecc

How can i set up and link a new database without delete the website? Or how can I proceed?
And what datas the Database of TastyIgniter register on it? Customers, Menu? Something else?

Please help!! Thanks Sad
#2 Tanbir Offline Junior Member
GoDaddy should have a backup system on their control panel. Try to check that out.
#3 David12 Offline Junior Member
Thanks Tanbir for your answer, I already contact them and get in touch with them, they don't have any backup.
The only solution is create a new database.

Do you know hoe can i link it with the actual website?
#4 Tanbir Offline Junior Member
To create a new database, simply log into the GoDaddy Cpanel and search for MySQL Database Wizard, from here create the database name. After creating a database, you will need to create a user and assign the user to the database. On the same page in the Wizard, create the user. On the same page again, you should be able to choose a database and assign a user to it, assign the user to the database just created and make sure you give the user all privilege to the database. 

If the database is not detected by tastyigniter, it should automatically redirect you back to the setup page.
You can also manually add it by going to
and changing the following properties.

$db['default']['username'] = 'user created';
$db['default']['password'] = 'password of user';
$db['default']['database'] = 'dateabase';
$db['default']['dbprefix'] = 'example_';
#5 David12 Offline Junior Member
Tabir thank you very much, I just checked the name of the Database and I can see that is still there. I just forgot the name of it. But the problem is still there.

Basically since few days when sameone try to reach the menu by type in their Postcode, The website respond with a Blank page.

It may possible that in those last weeks Tasty Igniter update his software and my customer update it from the dashboard by mistake?

Problem is this and also if i go directly to the register page and login page is not working!

Do you know if there is a file log somewhere that i can check?
#6 Caesium Offline Newbie
I dont think customers can update it
#7 Tanbir Offline Junior Member
Customers do not get the option to update TastyIgniter, it is only available on the admin dashboard. If you can, private message me your website link and your error logs (found in your admin panel: system/error logs)
#8 David12 Offline Junior Member
Tanbir, the customer is the person who I did the website for. So she actually got all the access to the account/dashboard. She said that she didn't update the website, but is very strange. The database is still there (never deleted). And I also can't access to the admin dashboard anymore. If I try to log with the correct password and username, the page simple refresh without login. Also if I try to register a new account, the system continues to say the captcha is wrong, even if it is type right. So its very strange!
#9 Tanbir Offline Junior Member
I recommend to backup the database and files and reinstall tastyigniter.
#10 David12 Offline Junior Member
Thanks my friend, which files do i have to save? cause i have all the menu, all the orders, users ecc

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