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Questions regarding the use of Tastyigniter

#1 hazz Offline Newbie

I am building a takeaway website for my client. I would like to know the following;

1. How does the client refund the customer's money?

2. How can the customer edit order after the customer has placed their order?

3. How would my client know an order has been placed?

4. When an order is placed is there any way for the client to choose a list of time to deliver to the customer, i.e customer requests ASAP (45mins), but the client wants to deliver at 60mins.

5. Is there any way to print a receipt, with the order, delivery address, price and order notes, by using a thermal printer in A7 size?

6. Is possible to remove the Tastyigniter logo and other branding related to tastyigniter and replace it with the client business branding?

7. Is possible to charge a fee for using the payment gateway like they do on just-eat?

8. Is possible to host Tastyigniter on my own servers?

Tastyigniter is a really a brilliant application for food ordering business. Keep up the awesome work!.

More questions to follow.

Thank You.
#2 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
Most of these questions are answered if you just try out the demo

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