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TastyIgniter 3.X developer release

#21 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
(07 May, 09:16 AM)[email protected] Wrote: Thanks Sam ,
jut have another issue when run setup.php ,, i am getting Server returned an invalid response. and red spot on Live Connection testing ...... it say
System Requirements Check Failed
Test connection to the installation server is required
server side has no problem .,,, how can i over come this ?

Seems you are using an older version, try a fresh download and install.

I recently moved the update server to
#22 [email protected] Offline Newbie
THANK YOU AGAIN Sam , is it the 3.x developer release ??
#23 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
(08 May, 06:15 AM)[email protected] Wrote: THANK YOU AGAIN Sam , is it the 3.x developer release ??

#24 Slinky Offline Newbie
In this new update, will you make possible to write menu, categories and menu description in multi-langue and have SEO link with it, also having a language switch both front and back store? This is the only thing missing in this app... without the right seo language link to different languages we cannot be found in search engines...

And it would be great to have restaurant owner admin connection independently from others. Make TastyIgniter not for restaurants chain but for all kinds of independent restaurants...

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