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[Not Solved] Missing Customer Order

#1 zeta Offline Junior Member

There are times that when a customer (random probably) places an order and I receive the PayPal email notifying me that I have received a payment, but the order does not show up under the list of ORDERS, and I do not receive an Admin email notifying me that an order was placed.

If I type the order number in the admin search bar, it appears with the right details but with a blank status.

This has happened a couple of times already. Has this happened to anybody else? If so, is there a solution to this?

#2 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
This happens when the customer is not properly redirected back to the checkout success page after payment on PayPal website.
#3 zeta Offline Junior Member
Today I received an order that was not through PayPal, but through that did not appear in my ORDERS list. It seems like it's not limited to PayPal payment. Any idea why this one is happening?
[Image: nSTzIZm.png]

The order did not even appear in the activities. I circled the user who created the account and logged in at 11:21am. I had to edit the account and set it to "received" in order for it to appear at 11:50am. Looking at the user activity video, I don't see the user abruptly closing the ordering window either.

The emails of the order were sent out to the admin though.

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