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Edit button only opens New form

#1 roydeanjr Offline Junior Member
I just installed on server and all the record modifier buttons (Edit) open the New record form rather than populating the form with data and allowing edit. What should I review to make the Edit button actually open the record and allow editing?

The url displayed in the status when I mouse over the edit button shows that it should open "....edit?id=11". The ID at the right shows "11". But when I click the Edit button I get a blank form.

This is happening on the restaurant Location and Localisation/Currency and Localisation/Status forms. I am guessing other forms are like this too, but cannot take time to test.
#2 roydeanjr Offline Junior Member
Hey, this is resolved! I downloaded 2.1.1, installed and all the buttons seem to work as expected. Edit opens the record for editing. All is good now.

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