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This restaurant currently does not deliver to your address help

#1 ianhaney Offline Junior Member
I need some help with tastyigniter

I am testing the site and on the checkout side, it keeps saying the following

Sorry but form validation has failed, please check for errors. This restaurant currently does not deliver to your address

I found two solutions but none of them worked, the links to the solutions I found are below

could it be to do with the address format

it currently is

think it is to do with the way the address is formatted

It's got the following

Address Line 1
Town Postcode

But it should be like below

Address Line 1
Town County Postcode

Has anyone any ideas to try

Thank you in advance
#2 ianhaney Offline Junior Member
Think I have sorted it, I think it is because my house is a new build, I used a old address I used to live that and it works fine
#3 Tanbir Offline Junior Member
This may also occur randomly in some cases. A simple fix is to just change the postal code and re-add the correct postal code. I suggest added this to the error text lang for address.

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