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Error on configuring SMTP to gmail, error: Unable to send email using PHP email()

#1 thamvmk Offline Junior Member

I've problem in setting SMTP for gmail, I've read and tried all the forum suggesting for email integration to gmail but failed.

SMTP host: ssl://
SMTP port: 465 & (tested 587)
SMTP user: <myid>
SMTP password: <mypassword>

I've also set gmail account to support "less secure apps access" for my SMTP email account.

I've also increased the logging in system/tastyigniter/config/config.php
$config['log_threshold'] = 4

And there is no lead from the system/tastyigniter/logs/logs.php

Any other trouble shooting assistance is greatly appreciated.
#2 thamvmk Offline Junior Member
[[email protected] ~]# echo -n 'Subject: test\n\nTesting ssmtp' | sendmail -v [email protected]
[<-] 220 ESMTP 82-v6sm24347235pft.74 - gsmtp

I'm able to configure ssmtp and sendmail from server have been tested like above, but still no luck on tastyigniter SMTP email configuration.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
#3 thamvmk Offline Junior Member
I've managed to solve it with solution from this post:

And my SMTP settings are as following:
SMTP host: ssl://
SMTP port: 465
SMTP user: <myid>
SMTP password: <mypassword>

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