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Auto-refresh orders tab in admin

#1 Tanbir Offline Junior Member

I was wondering if anyone was able to add the admin->sales->orders auto refresh whenever a new order is detected, or if anyone knows how to do so.

Also, I currently have added a sound notification to outlook when a new email is sent for the order but if anyone know a way to have the sales tab play a sound without the need to have outlook open that would be amazing.
#2 g3ry Offline Newbie
Edit orders.php in admin folder with this:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15">
#3 Tanbir Offline Junior Member
Thanks for the reply. I am currently using that but was needing help with something that would auto load the order onto page without refreshing or initiating the refresh when it detects a new order.
#4 g3ry Offline Newbie
I would like to do this

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