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Thermal printing

#1 anth Offline Member
Just thought id share - we have just bought a thermal printer and have all our orders printing from it. So much better than an ink jet.

Very impressed with it, now wishing we bought a Bluetooth version to print from ipad.
#2 kittip Offline Junior Member
58mm or 80mm?
#3 anth Offline Member
80mm. £50 from eBay.
#4 kittip Offline Junior Member
Thanks @anth, could you please capture the screen that you have modified or anyway I can test your template?
#5 anth Offline Member
When an order comes through we get the admin email. I have modified this email template. When we get the email I have added an extra into thunderbird mail client to automatically print the email. Here is the email template I use, it was done quickly and still needs a little work to tidy it up (everything is aligned to the left to it fits onto receipt)


Your delivery address

{first_name} {last_name}




Order Details

Your order number is {order_number}

This is a {order_type} order.

PAYMENT : {order_payment}

Order Date: {order_date}

Delivery Time (approx): {order_time}

You left this comment: {order_comment}


{menu_quantity} x {menu_name} {menu_price} TOTAL: {menu_subtotal}





{order_total_title}: {order_total_value}

#6 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
@anth, good to see you have a solution working for you Smile Still haven't got the chance to work on the extension.
#7 anth Offline Member
Ideally an extension would be better because the template can be customised better. Our receipts have email addresses at the top. Trying to figure out how to print any email without displaying email addresses.
#8 cippo Offline Newbie
Hello guys, can I know wich MODEL of Thermal Printer did you get and for how much?
Thank you very much!
#9 Trentbolt Offline Newbie
Nice one. I even try for this one yet. Thanks!

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