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Say Hello from Germany and want to ask.

#1 (ch)AliBrown Offline Newbie
Want say hello, my name is AliBrown i`m from Germany.
im testing on your System an want ask you: is here an aktive com?
Can I Help you in some reasons?

- i have knowles in HTML/CSS pretty responsive design
- lightwight PHP Skills (I`m learning mom`shut up! I`m learning. Can`t you wait? Its not so easy, mom`!) Dodgy
SEO/SEM, Sponsoring, Server config,


- german  (+++)
- turkish    (++-)
- english   (+--)

Age: 32

(ch)AliBrown greats you Smile
#2 Trentbolt Offline Newbie
Interesting post! Though I don't have better idea on this HTML and CSS. But I started learning about those from w3schools.

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