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[Not Solved] Stripe does not appear

#1 Manctech Offline Junior Member
Hi Guys,

Hope all is well. 

We seem to have an issue with stripe just wondering if any one else has had this issue or if it is just me. Also if you have had it did you find a resolve.

I have activated the stripe extension and added in all the api keys. Tried on both test and live mode.
Stripe account is setup fine.

We see in the database that paypal has the pp_payments table however there is not one for stripe payments just wondering if it did not install correctly or something is missing.

Any help much appreciated as always.

#2 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
You not missing anything, the stripe payment doesn't have a database table.
#3 Ga109 Offline Newbie
I am having the same issue, stripe is enabled and credential entered in the back end, but the customer is not presented with the Stripe payment option on the front end.

I've even updated the stripe files as per the other issue I found in the forum with the credentials being hard coded in, but that hasn't helped either.

No clues in the error log and according to the source code on the checkout page the stripe js files are there, just no option to choose the Stripe payment method.

Manctech did you ever resolve this?

Edit: Error logs now have the error;
ERROR - 2017-11-25 13:48:43 --> 404 Page Not Found:

Everytime someone hits step 2 (payment) of the checkout process.
#4 Manctech Offline Junior Member
There seems to be a fix on the forum I am just going to test this myself.
#5 don Offline Newbie
Same problem here, how is it going? have you already found the solution?
Mine still no use using

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