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Can i move "Order delicious food online" in other positions ?

#1 marcofrl1 Offline Newbie
i need to move the order button with written "Order delicious food online" in other position because cover the slideshow.
Is possible ?

Many thanks
#2 cpastou Offline Newbie
Hi to all

I need to move also the position of the "Order delicious food online". Anybody can help?

Many thanks
#4 cpastou Offline Newbie
(16 May, 12:58 PM)sampoyigi Wrote:
I have seen this php but is to rename some elements. I want to change the  position of the local_module box.
#5 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
You can change the position of the local_module from the Admin under Layouts -> Home.
#6 xeonwales Offline Newbie
The 'Local' module overlaps the 'Slideshow' module. No matter where I move the 'Local' module to, it still overlaps the Slideshow

[Image: Screenshot_2018_3_4_Welcome_To_Tasty_Ign...WCBD_1.png]

Edit: It only overlaps on the Full site - the mobile optimised site display's it correctly.
#7 thamvmk Offline Junior Member
I've also encounter this issue, anybody who managed to relocate the view menu 'local' module to bottom will be appreciated.
#8 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
To customise the local search

Open file extensions/local_module/views/stylesheet.css

Change the .local-box-fluid css class block (line 14 to 22) to look like this
.local-box-fluid {
    margin: 0 auto;
    padding-bottom: 15px;

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