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Revisions of development websites

#1 dayancornor Offline Newbie
Website designing is a detailed process that mainly involve two kinds of professionals a web designer and a web developer. Both of them are equally important to deliver a functional site. Customers should understand responsibilities of each individual to pick a suitable person with required skills for leading web design Company in California

Let me start with explaining the role of web designers. They focuses on the appearance of website or web application. They have complete knowledge of color theory, information flow, touch upon user experience and graphic design. Major software tools they use include Adobe Illustrator, Wire framing and Photoshop. Although coding skills are not mandatory to work as web designer, it’s good to have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script.

In contrast to them web developers must know coding languages to develop websites, applications and functionalities. Their major concern is to create performing website or apps with the help of front end coding languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript and backend programming languages like Rub on Rails, Django, Python and MySQL. 
#2 WesleyLane Offline Newbie
Thanks for sharing helpful information about web designing and web development. These two concepts have much difference, but many of the people think it as the same. Whereas the website designer is responsible for choosing colors and graphics, which is totally depended on the look of the website. Whereas development includes the actual coding and functionality of the website.

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