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https not working

#1 rmjtechnologies Offline Newbie
On my one website https works perfect. But on another one 
The tastyigniter is thinking that my base url is http
but the page is loading on https which results in blocking of all the css and js scripts by browser
#2 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
You can set your base_url from the config file. system/tastyigniter/config/config.php
#3 WesleyLane Offline Newbie
I am also facing the same issue for my website.
#4 rmjtechnologies Offline Newbie
@sampoyigi I' m facing new problem now image is not showing up next to the menu item name. I have uploaded it from admin system. But it is not showing up in frontpanel.
#5 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
When you mean its not showing up, is it a problem with the generated image links? Check the image links to make sure its properly generated. Could be issue with base_url..

The demo site is currently running on https.
#6 sharlynharville Offline Newbie
You have to check your c panel settings a same problem with my Cheap Essay Help so i ask my devoloper he solve this problem in c panal and install SSL Plugin check your setting proper.

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