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Missing privileges options

#1 rmjtechnologies Offline Newbie
 There is no option to remove dashboard, design, Marketing, localisation and system from an staff group. Please help me to remove them. Also the panel where the staff group and logout button comes doesn't work in mobile, I also checked that on your demo website and it is also not working there.
#2 rmjtechnologies Offline Newbie
@sampoyigi please reply
#3 sampoyigi Offline 1 == 2
hey @rmjtechnologies, just did a test with the demo.

First open admin/views/themes/tastyigniter-blue/theme-config.php
Within the file, under each 'nav_menu' array item there's a 'permissions' index.
Use the value to determine which staff group privilege you need to disable in order to remove the menu item from the admin panel.

For example: to remove Kitchen, you will need to uncheck access on Admin.Menus and Admin.MenuOptions and Admin.Categories staff group privileges

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