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[Solved] Checkout page - credit card expiration date textfields - hidden in iPad layout Fix

#1 zeta Offline Junior Member
Issue and fix can be seen here:

In an iPad mini when ordering and typing the expiration date it's hard to read the labels in the textbox since it gets too narrow.

The fix was to change the col-xs-6 to col-xs-9, in \extensions\authorize_net_aim\views\authorize_net_aim.php

PHP Code:
                           <div class="col-xs-9 col-lg-6">
       <input type="text" name="authorize_cc_exp_month" class="form-control" id="input-expiry-month" value="<?php echo set_value('authorize_cc_exp_month', $authorize_cc_exp_month); ?>" placeholder="<?php echo lang('text_exp_month'); ?>" autocomplete="off" required />
       <div class="col-xs-9 col-lg-6">
       <input type="text" name="authorize_cc_exp_year" class="form-control" id="input-expiry-year" value="<?php echo set_value('authorize_cc_exp_year', $authorize_cc_exp_year); ?>" placeholder="<?php echo lang('text_exp_year'); ?>" autocomplete="off" required />

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